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Fil Rhythm – Guitarist and Songwriter - Rehoboth Beach Delaware 


Born and raised in Ronkonkoma New York, Fil Rhythm honed his chops on the Northeast Jamband scene for years during the early and mid 2000's.  Gaining the ability to express himself with his guitar during that time, channeling his emotions out onto the fret board. Obsessed with guitar and listening to players like Dickey Betts, Eric Clapton, Jerry Garcia, Jimmy Page and many more, Fil Rhythm created the foundation of what would become his blazing guitar playing that lights the soul during his live performance.


Life takes its twist and turns and Fil Rhythm found himself out of the game and working in NYC from '04 - '09. Gaining many amazing life experiences along the way that would serve him for the many songs that he has now written. In March on '09 the karma gods struck and Fil Rhythm was badly injured in an accident, what he calls "a turning point in life." Stuck with nowhere to go Fil picked his guitar back up and started to write. Years of listening Motown, Rock, Soul, Folk/Singer songwriters all came rushing back to him. Developing his voice and sound he began working with his brother Joe. As a writing team they started writing songs that range from "Wild & Crazy" rockabilly rides and fun party "Foot Stompin’" jams for the dance floor, to singer songwriter Americana rock songs like "Blue Town" & "Dreamin’."


Open mic nights on Long Island lead Fil Rhythm to making trips to Nashville in 2010 & 2012 to gain a feel of the songwriting world/community. Testing the songs out in the songwriting capital of the world was eye opening for Fil. Coming back feeling successful in the journey but knowing much more had to be done.  Fil created The Fil Rhythm Band in March of 2013 with Brother Joe (guitar) and Bassist, Chris Propper. Writing and developing funk, jam rock songs like, "Knock Me Down" and "Northbound Caper," the band set out to perform all throughout Long Island from 2013-2015.  From local and regional bars to beautiful wineries, they performed shows with standout live performances and songs for the soul that created a hometown buzz. Then again life takes it turns....


In 2015 Fil Rhythm & his Brother Joe, along with many Family and Friends helped their Father Phil Bonsignore Sr., fight his battle with cancer. Fil recalls nights of performing shows and having to head straight to the hospital to be with his Dad.  Loosing his hard fought battle on July 10th, 2015 their family and community lost a very special person in the world.


Grieving, 2016 was a year that Fil Rhythm lived like a "Creature of the Night"


Coming back at the top of 2017 Fil Rhythm found himself with a new friend, a 1972 Gibson Hummingbird with some very special mojo. The outpour of material was amazing. Writing songs with a new level of understanding and depth, Fil Rhythm, Joe and Chris spend the year writing and laying the groundwork for a soon to be released group of songs. Songs ranging from the bar room shanty sing along like, "The Pirate Song" to heart felt songs of loss and love like "Autumn Girl" and "Climb Tonight." Culminating with the tracks "Big Blue" & "Superman" written directly about their father, the collection was set to be released sometime in late 2018 but then again...Life takes it's turns...but when your walking a good path those turns can be positive ones.


2018 Fil Rhythm found himself feeling stuck in his hometown on Long Island with a lack of a real music community and "for the first time" as he says, "Lonely". Fate steps in and he crosses paths with prominent visual artist Julie Borden, from Rehoboth Beach Delaware. Many nights talking lead Fil on the Road traveling to a new place. Discovering what he calls an artists/musicians "never-never land" he not only falls in love but finds a network of performers and venues in what is Americas "Secret Caribbean." Love struck he follows his instincts and makes the move in June to Delaware.


Fil soon found himself performing at the long running open mic hosted by Caleh Matson and B.J. Muntz, at The Pond in Rehoboth Beach DE. Many great performers pass through that venue and appear at open mic night.  Fil Rhythm falls in with house drummer, Mike Littlejohn, and the two start working rooms as a duo. Along with solo shows, Fil Rhythm spends the summer networking and booking rooms throughout the area. Picking up with Delaware songwriter Tyler Greene, the two start trading gigs. Tyler started playing bass guitar for Fil Rhythm Shows and Fil played guitar for Tyler Greene Shows. Together, co-writing the song, "Baby Got The Blues."


Making friends and letting their songs and artwork shine Fil Rhythm and Julie Borden were featured in October on Ocean 98.1's Live Lixx, Broadcasting from the world famous Seacrets Resort, in Ocean City Maryland. Fil was also a featured act for Dogfish Brew Pub's up and coming songwriters in the region, held at there beautiful venue and stage in Rehoboth Beach.


2019 is going to be a year of surprise and growth for Fil Rhythm. Recordings with founding members Joe & Chris will be released. New material with a beach, feel good vibe is also being developed, while Fil is busy booking venues to share his love of song with.




the dogs that make it all happen


Joe Bonsignore is a music producer, songwriter & guitarist that is a founding member of the Fil Rhythm Band. Undertaking multiple roles such as accompanying slide guitar or recording engineer. Joe's contribution is from a wide variety of influences that translate a timeless and abstract aspect of music into the band.

Mike Littlejohn

"A man of few words" ;-)


Chris Propper began playing bass for The Fil Rhythm Band in early 2013 and has been a contributing member of the line-up ever since.  He has been playing bass since 1991 and draws from many different styles ranging from classic rock, punk/metal, funk and jazz.  He prefers keeping a simple sound profile consisting of a Fender Jazz Bass and an Ampeg bass amp.

Tyler Greene

Tyler Greene

Tyler Greene is a singer songwriter from Millsboro Delaware. A multi instrumentalist but a guitarist at heart. Tyler has been playing all over the eastern shore with either bands or as a solo act since 2013.  Tyler met Phil at the famous Rehoboth Open Mic hosted by BJ Muntz & Caleh Matson on Phil's first time visiting the beach town he now calls home. After several run-ins and a few jams, Phil and Tyler decided to join forces - with Tyler thumping bass in The Fil Rhythm Band and Phil joining the roster of Tyler & Friends.


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